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Our team consists of four different minds which each provides different strength for our production company. To extend our services beyond our powers we work with a network of trusted filmmakers.

Stephan Deola


Hi there, it's Stephan!

My passion is capturing the best moments with people. Music videos and weddings are my speciality.

I studied mechanical engineering and for certain jobs, my technical and practical knowledge are invaluable and improve the production a lot.

As a drummer, I also have a talent for cutting the perfectly timed edit.

So if you're in need of a wedding videographer or photographer, I'm your guy!

Janis Wolf


Hi, I'm Janis!

After I finished my bachelors degree in computer science (cyber security) I decided to tackle a new challenge and started working full time at Visure. On film sets you usually find me behind or near the camera.

I believe that our team provides a unique set of skills which makes our products stand out from the crowd.

And when does your journey with Visure start? 😉

Timo Hämmig


Hi, my name is Timo.

I did my apprenticeship as a event technician and carry my technical and creative knowledge of light, audio and film into the world of Visure.

My skills provide fast and efficient work without sacrificing quality. Creative projects benefit from my naturally very cheerful and open manner.

I look forward to your next project with us!

Colin Weuste


When I'm not working for Visure, I'm studying economics and finances. The perspectives I gather there are useful in many aspects for Visure as a company.

In the past three years I traveled a lot in Switzerland, but also abroad in Latin America and the North. These experiences brought my creativity to a whole new level.

I hope to get to know you in a future project!

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